Mid-Season Upkeep

Is your Camper starting to look warn down and boring after using it so much this season?! Here are some great ideas I have found to made that warn down look go right away and make everything fun and cheery again!
1. This is the easiest tip ever to make your camper fun and cheerful again, switch out toys, books, movies and games. If you have a large selection just trade out with other ones from home, or you can sell the old overused ones to buy a couple new and exciting games or movies ect.
2. Your camper can have a whole new look super simply with a new picture or even new pillows! Next time your family is all together take a family photo for your camper! To make your pillows look fresh again go to a craft store and buy some fabric in a cheery design to recover them!
3. Maybe some big stains have appeared on the carpet and they are catching everyone's eye, just add a fun rug! the rug will cover the stains and change up the inside! That's a win win situation!
Try out these ideas and take your new and improved camper out today!