How to Make Your Camping Trip Easy

As many of you know camping is fun and easy, however some people think it can be difficult. The fears of dealing with kids, the stress of packing, and bugs, today I am going to show everyone how easy it is to camp and that it is truly stress free. Don't worry I have the perfect solutions for you! First, dealing with the kids. At iCampIndiana Campgrounds we have fun activities planned for the weekends, so kids can join the fun. Also they can take part in an easy scavenger hunt around your site or close by areas. Next, the stress of packing. No stress should be involved in packing for a camping trip, all you need is a campfire outfit, a day outfit, and maybe a swimsuit. Also, don't stress the food think campfire classics, hot dogs and s'mores! Most Importantly, remember you can always find items you forgot at the camp store! For the bug solution I have found many great ideas, dryer sheets can help to keep bees away. Flies hate pine sol so a 50/50 mixture will keep them all away. For mosquitoes I suggest bug spray, but for a more natural route use halves of lemons and put whole cloves in them. Using all of these tips you are sure to have a great relaxing and stress free trip! Happy Camping!