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Summer is Here!

Summer is here and that is prime time for Camping!  With the wet Spring that we had things are finally drying out and this is just in time to get out and have some fun.
4th of July Camping plans?  Camp the weekend before or the weekend after and leave your camping unit on-site for FREE!  What an easy way to get in a second weekend of camping without all the work of set-up and tear-down.

Camping Season is HERE

Hey Campers, can you believe how fast this spring came?! We are so excited because that means it is time to get the campers and tents ready for another fantastic season. This camping season is going to be amazing as we have many exciting events at your favorite campgrounds! These  themed weekends will be so fun you will want to be at the campground every weekend, we have a solution for you. Icampindiana offers seasonal camping sites for very low rates, with a seasonal you get to leave your camper on site all season!

Let's Get Ready to Camp!

Hey Campers!  Can you believe it?  Camping season is just around the corner!  We are ready, and we bet you all are too!  Whether you are looking for a new camper or just looking to get out of the house, be sure to come see us at the upcoming RV Shows.  Stop by our booth, grab some brochures, and spin the wheel to win some camping!  See you there!

Fort Wayne RV & Camping Show    February 2-5

Michiana RV Show  February 9-11

Toledo RV Show    February 10-12

Fall into Camping

Hey Campers, are you missing the summer days? We are still living them at the campgrounds, as fall is in full swing we are still open for a couple more weeks enjoying the outdoors! These are awesome weekends to come out and camp. Plus the weather is ideal for camping, nice and coool at night and perfect for a fire during the day. Come relive those summer fun times during the fall at one of our preffered campgrounds today. Plus, did  I mention that at Gordons we are having awesome activities?! It's time for the Spooktacuar Halloween Weekends!!!

Our Screenprinting Adventure

Hey Campers! This week I'm going to share what we have been up to lately, it's screen printing! For those who aren't familiar with what it is, screen printing is when you make a screen with a design to print your own shirts (or in this case other products too!) During this season we have been perfecting our printing and learning more about this huge machine we have. The process takes very long to complete as it has many steps. 1. Make the design 2. Clean the screen 3. Make the screen 4. Get the screen ready to print 5. Print print print! Plus, lots of washing and drying in the middle.

Mid-Season Upkeep

Is your Camper starting to look warn down and boring after using it so much this season?! Here are some great ideas I have found to made that warn down look go right away and make everything fun and cheery again!
1. This is the easiest tip ever to make your camper fun and cheerful again, switch out toys, books, movies and games. If you have a large selection just trade out with other ones from home, or you can sell the old overused ones to buy a couple new and exciting games or movies ect.

Camping Weather

Wow, this summer has had such nice weather! It is hard to believe we have had so many beautiful weekends to camp. Indiana has had the perfect summer camping weather, hot during the day and cooler at night, great for everyone at the campgrounds. We also loved the HOT weekend when officials advised you to be in water, the perfect excuse for everyone to go camping! With all of this warm weather and these amazing camping nights I wanted to remind you that camping is perfect in the summer while we have this awesome weather!

Meeting New People!

Hey campers! Did you know that camping is great for meeting new people? Are you bored of the same people every time you do something? Then camping is perfect for you! At all of our campgrounds we have many different activities and that is the perfect way to meet some new friends. Every weekend we have plenty of different people coming in to camp so you can always meet numerous new people. Plus, everyone will have something in common; you love to camp! Not only do we have awesome weekenders coming in all the time we have great seasonals at our campgrounds.

How to Make Your Camping Trip Easy

As many of you know camping is fun and easy, however some people think it can be difficult. The fears of dealing with kids, the stress of packing, and bugs, today I am going to show everyone how easy it is to camp and that it is truly stress free. Don't worry I have the perfect solutions for you! First, dealing with the kids. At iCampIndiana Campgrounds we have fun activities planned for the weekends, so kids can join the fun. Also they can take part in an easy scavenger hunt around your site or close by areas. Next, the stress of packing.