Summertime Flying By!

Can you believe the 4th of July holiday is already over? We can't! This summer if flying by for us, we are enjoying all the fun activities each campground has to offer. The 4th of July is a reality check that summer is almost halfway over! AHH!! Now is the time to make the camping reservations and get outdoors! Before you know it school will be back in session and you will be busy with running kids around and not spending time together. The best way to have family fun is to go camping. Camping is perfect for family no matter what ages, we have plenty to do for kids and adults!

Tips to make your 4th of July one to never forget!

As the 4th of July is fast approaching the chaotic times are beggining. Today I will share my favorite 4th of July camping tips to make sure it's the trip of a lifetime!
1. The spark Defender-- for this simple hand protector all you need is a red solo cup or anything similar. First you poke a hole in the bottom of the cup. Then slide the sparkler in (make sure the sparkler is out of the cup so the child can hold the end of the stick protected inside of the cup.) This is a great idea for small children so you don't have to worry about burns!

Campfire Cooking

As summer in now officially started, camping season is in full swing. Camping every weekend is fun but are you getting sick of the same food every weekend? I have the solution for you, I'm sharing my favorite campfire cooking meal, and even dessert!
~Camping Calzones~

Dad is sure to love camping!

It's that time of the year again when it's all about dad, it's father's day! The day when you do something special for dad, but are you stuck and can't think of anything? I have the perfect idea for you... camping! At all of our campgrounds this weekend (June 17-19) we are celebrating Dads. We will be doing different kinds of crafts for dad, and also many different activities throughout the day. Join us for a wonderful meal for dad too, we have different meals at all of our campgrounds. This would be the perfect family event that dad is sure to love.

Plan Your Summer Getaway!

Plan your summer fun at an ICampIndiana Campground! School is coming to an end and the kids are begging for fun summer activities, so go camping! At our campgrounds we have fun for all ages, from swimming to crafts and even the never failling playground, your family is sure to find something to do. Before all of the sports and activities start up, the obvious way for fun family bonding is camping.

Get Ready for 2016!

I know that many people will be surprised to learn that planning and developing what we will be doing for the 2016 camping an RVíng season!  The Winter season allows us to regroup, review the prior season, and set strategies and goals for what is too come.  Based off of our experiences and reports for this past season we saw nice growth in the number of seasonal campers that are with us, and we found we had more day visitors and transient/weekend campers.  We have also found from feedback amongst those that stayed with us changes they would like to see and what aspects people really enjoy a

The Camping Season is Winding Down, But It's The Perfect Time To Pick Your Site For 2016!

Labor Day has come and gone which normally means the end of summer and the end of the camping season is approaching, but this really is the perfect time to get out and pick your site for 2016.  Maybe you camp a few times throughout the summer and really enjoy your time camping with us, but you know you really wished you used your camper more or you would like to not go through all the work each weekend to go camping.  Well that really is why so many of our campers choose to camp with us seasonally.  Many of our campers enjoy being able to take off and head to the campground when they feel l

Let Spring be sprung - NOT your tires!

Spring is here! Or at least that is the way things are looking right now!  It’s time to think about camping for the season! As you get ready to open your camper and de-winterize, here are a few tips to think: 

         1. If your trailer is unplugged, remember to turn off the main breaker before plugging it in and make sure the water heater breaker is off until you have a water supply and the water is full in the heater tank.